Five college students set out for their annual visit to the local Halloween haunt.

But instead of taking them to their usual family friendly amusement park haunt, Brad (Patrick Luwis) wanting to go someplace scarier, drives them to a secluded, strictly word of mouth haunt.

He promises them the Scariest Night of their lives, much to the horror of the anxiety filled pre-med student Jess (Iman Karam). The night is captured on video by Kevin (Tyler Thomas Moore), who sneaks a hidden camera into the haunt and through selfie, by social media star Haley (Emily Hall). The sharp tongued Peter (Ryan Zimmer) provides cutting commentary.


It soon becomes clear that they should have gone to the amusement park haunt, as they discover the scariest thing about a haunt in the middle of nowhere, is the people who work there.


After declining to participate in the dig your own grave adventure, they experience a terrifying assortment of masked characters and haunt rooms. Including a psychologist who believes in the power of shock treatment, a demented dentist with an overactive drill, creepy dolls and the disturbed man who makes them, a barber with an extra sharp razor, over enthusiastic butchers, a body bag maze, clowns with questionable intentions and many more.

Can they survive the Scariest Night of their lives?

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